In 2017, the ninth spring since the foundation of Tan Cang 128 - Navy - with its youth, bringing into play the glorious tradition of the Navy Naval Army, on the basis of experience, and the traditional thickness of production and business of Saigon Newport Corporation, every staff and workers in the Company have been hard and hard, and promote the spirit of pulse. All the same, aiming to affirm "more professional - more effective", raising the position of the company in the area.

     With total area more 160.000 m2 ,include container yard 107.000 m2 , capacity of Container yard and Empty yard about 6.000 Teus. CFS warehouse system 5.000m2 with the synchronous investment of modern loading and unloading system; Liebeherr crane system, Mi-jack crance have lifting capacity of 40 ton, reach-stacker system for laden and empty, prime mover, forklift to serve stuffing and un-stuffing cargo… has confirmed the breakthrough in investing to build Tan Cang 128 Hai Phong reach the same quality at leading service.

     Tan Cang 128 is situated in a strategic road position connecting the economic triangle: Hai Phong, Ha Noi and Quang Ninh. In term of waterway traffic, the Company is located on the main channel to Haiphong port, adjacent to Nam Hai Dinh Vu industrial zone, linking with Quangninh seaports by inland waterway and with Tan Cang 189 to form an integrated port complex operating on mutual support basis. With the economic strategic prospect, this area is likely to become the biggest port complex and warehouse in Haiphong, aiming to lead the market share and quality of port operations in the North and bringing “the maximum benefits and premium quality for customers


     The restructruring of strategic shareholders of “Tan Cang Logistics and Tan Cang 128 JSC” in 2013 has created the breakthrough in the development orientation of Tan Cang 128 JSC with the business lines including: general cargo and container handling; forwarding agent; inland and waterway transport agent; warehousing, weighing service, customs clearance services; door – to – door delivery service so as to maximize utilities for customers.

In order to meet the increasing demands of the customer, thanks to the focused and effective investment, so far Tan Cang 128 JSC’s equipment has been continuously improved both in quality and quantity. The machines which are imported from the countries of advanced technology are qualified for required cargo handling capacity.


     According to the Director of Tan Cang 128 Hai Phong JSC: “ Now, our company operation 02 berth, berth No.1 with the length 115m, depth alongside is -5,5m, can handle vessel and barge with capacity 3.000 DWT , berth No.2 with the length 295m, depth alongside is -8,2m, can handle vessel and barge with capacity 15.000 DWT. With 03 turning basin of Hai Phong port and 01 turning basin in front of Tan Cang 128, 210m in diameter, -6.7m deep. In 2017, we will continue to extend the berth system by 127m to boost throughput through the port. The current throughput average is 250,000 TEUs per year; CFS cargo throughput of 450 thousand tons per year.

     In order to improve port managerial and operation capacities, the company has invested in a modern managerial system, fast picking procedures and equipment in line with European standards. The company has a system of information technology from the operation center to the business office; Warehouses, docks, fiber optic cable, STP cable, UTP cable, 54 Mbps wireless network, 6 Mbps backup wireless network and modern management information system software. Having a team of highly qualified, flexible, creative, dedicated and enthusiastic technicians in the performance of their tasks.

     Over the past 9 years since its establishment, Tan Cang 128 Hai Phong has grown steadily. We always complete the mission of production and business; preserve the capital, with profit, the next year higher than last year. Ensuring good jobs and stable income for employees are our aim. At the same time, it is also the destination of customers and partners, who are closer and closer to the path of integration and development.





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